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Coasto is a brand of Stand UP Paddle that was born with the aim of offering the best inflatable SUP boards on the market. The brand invests in order to offer each year high-performance boards with innovative technologies.

is a French brand that appeared in 2018.
Its entry into the market is clearly marked by its range of PREMIUM inflatable Stand up paddle developed in Dropstitch Double Layer Fused (called "Thermo Twin Skin"): Calypso, Odyssea, Argo, Nautilus and Turbo.
This technology is the result of a convincing analysis of the inflatable SUP market "PVC double layer inflatable boards are certainly more durable and efficient but much heavier and qualitatively to review (bubbles, folds etc.)" Coasto innovates and offers a double skin SUP fused with a heating process to remove the glue and its consequences, it is the "Thermo Twin Skin":

  • Lightness : the boards are 30% lighter

  • Aesthetic : the finishes are perfect

  • Durability : TTS reduces the risk of layer peeling by 80% to obtain durable boards

  • Rigidity : The welding of the 2 layers of PVC allows the obtaining of a material that under pressure becomes extremely rigid even at 10PSI

  • Ecology : this technology eliminates glue consumption in the manufacturing process

Beyond the construction of its boards, Coasto also pays particular attention to the finish of its boards: kayak seat option, bungee, premium comfort neoprene center handle + additional handles, VVA carpet quality crocodile effect, kick pad, design and colors. Each pack is composed of quality equipment in line with the brand: a double action pump (double flow), a carrying bag with wheels and external pockets, a paddle 3 sections in Aluminum, a coiled leash and the repair kit.

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