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France Turbo.
The entire range of France Turbo stoves is equipped with the heat exchanger system for natural convection as well as a connection to fresh air.

France Turbo.
Stoves France Turbo are also radiant by default. They do, however, possess a core technology based on a simple principle of physics. A cold air front that meets a warm air front will create a low pressure zone.
This principle is applied to these wood stoves, thanks to their air exchangers that heat between 1.8 and 3 m3 of air per minute depending on the temperature of the room.
This type of stove is the most efficient and suitable when you want to adopt wood heating as your main energy.
The heat is gentle and diffuses throughout the house, as long as nothing hinders the circulation of air in the rooms. These wood stoves can be installed both in new and renovation.

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